Always ones to lead by example, Sandy and Lenny Piontak adopted a "give 'till it hurts" philosophy of philanthropy and inspired fellow members of the Tikva Board, business partners, and many of their friends and family to do the same. Consequently Sandy and Lenny have had a profound impact on Tikva's programming and facilities by bringing more funding and attention to the needs of these very under-served girls and boys.

In addition to serving as Trustees on the Tikva Board of Directors, the organization has honored Sandy and Lenny with the Tikva Leadership Award for their vision and commitment to children who have been all but forgotten.

Tikva Children's Home began in 1993 in response to the plight of hundreds of Jewish children who were living in unsanitary and inhumane state orphanages, who suffered abuse and neglect at home, or who had no home and were living on the streets. Despite the tragic circumstances in which many of the children enter Tikva's care, the boys and girls discover countless ways to laugh, love, and work toward a brighter future in Ukraine or abroad.



World of Children

World of Children Award

The World of Children is dedicated to dramatically improving children’s lives by identifying and recognizing extraordinary individuals who work on behalf of children in need. We are committed through our Awards program to search the United States and the rest of the world for these selfless change makers. Our Awards and funds expand and leverage their vital work, thus creating a unique, worldwide network of child advocates.

To date, World of Children has awarded cash grants to 78 change makers, working in more than 50 countries worldwide. In turn, through these selfless individuals we can estimate that we have touched the lives of some 30,000,000 children. World of Children Honorees, for example, are:

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